1. General

    a. What is Kosher?

    ⇒ "KASHRUT" or "KASHRUS" are a set of Jewish religious Dietary Laws and the food that may be consumed according to these laws are termed "Kosher". The word "Kosher" is derived from the Hebrew word "KASHER" which means Lawful, Suitable, Pure and fit for consumption.

    b. What is Kosher Food Certification?

    ⇒ Foods that abide by the rules of Kashrus are certified fit for consumption under Kosher Laws. This certification is provided by a Rabbi who visits the facility where the food is manufactured and checks all the ingredients, processes and equipments before providing necessary certifications to the food if they have passed the test. This certification provided by a certified Rabbi is called a Kosher Food Certification.

  2. For Companies seeking Kosher Food Certification:

    a. How do I check if ingredients used in my product are Kosher approved?

    ⇒ You can submit the list of ingredients that are used in your product which shall be termed as "Schedule A". A certified professional Rabbi will then check these Ingredients and confirms if all the ingredients in Schedule A are Kosher approved or not. He will also recommend substitute ingredients for those ingredients which fail to pass the Kosher Test. Based on the Rabbi’s inputs, you can create a Schedule B with the list of Kosher approved ingredients which have been fetched from Schedule A and proceed with the manufacturing of your product.

    b. How do I apply for a Kosher Food Certification?

    ⇒ Contact our Customer care! We will add your details into the database, create your profile and the nearest professional Rabbi or certification agency will then contact you to take forward the certification process for the foods you manufacture.

    c. What are the costs that I have to bear for getting a Kosher Food Certificate?

    ⇒ Certification Cost + Cost of Conveyance of the Rabbi + Rabbi’s professional Bill. Costing gets transparent with KosherNxt!

    d. What do I do if my products and processes fail Kosher Food Certification Test?

    ⇒ Fret not! The professional Rabbi will identify and recommend substitute ingredients that can be used to pass the Kosher Food Certification Process. Once you add these ingredients to your food product, we can schedule another visit from the Rabbi to examine your products, ingredients and processes before certifying you product as Kosher!

    e. What is the validity of the Kosher Certification issued?

    ⇒ On an average, each certification lasts a year.

    f. What important information should be present on my Kosher Food Certificate:

    ⇒ Name of Certification Center
    ⇒ Name and Signature of Certification Center Agent
    ⇒ Date of Signature
    ⇒ Certification Validity

    g. Is there an option to certify multiple products across multiple plants

    ⇒ There is an option to add all your products, your respective plants, your co-packers and your White Label partners on to the platform. Each Plant and product shall be tested indigenously before providing Kosher Food Certification to each product if they pass the Kosher Food Certification Test.

    h. Do I have to pay separately for each product that I want to get Kosher Certified?

    ⇒ You have to pay for each Kosher Certificate generated for your company and the miscellaneous expenses incurred to enable the certification, such as conveyance of the Rabbi to your facility.

  3. For Kosher Certification Agency:

    a. Why KosherNxt?

    ⇒ We are one of the pioneers in developing an indigenous software application coupled with a powerful mobile app specifically for Kosher Food Certification. KosherNxt helps you to seamlessly integrate all your day to day activities providing you a ready database of Customers and Rabbi and providing convenient appointment scheduling, payment tracking amongst other important features that make your Business Flourish. The right question to ask is "Why not KosherNxt?"

    b. How do I appoint a Rabbi for my Certification Agency?

    ⇒ Simply add the credentials of the Rabbi onto the interactive dashboard and create login credentials which can be used by the Rabbi to schedule appointments.

    c. How do I get information of clients who are seeking Kosher Food Certification?

    ⇒ Simply add the credentials of the Company that are seeking Kosher Food Certification onto the interactive dashboard and create a Customer. You can add all product information of the Company, create product specific schedule of their ingredients and also schedule a Rabbi visit to the company’s facility by the click of a button!

  4. For Rabbis:

    a. How do I schedule an appointment?

    ⇒ i. A mobile application access is provided in which appointments that are due can be seen. Select the right appointment for you based on your preferences such as customer location, date, time and own convenience.