Add a Rabbi

Add Rabbis to your platform seamlessly. Once in the system, the Rabbis are empowered with a Simple Mobile Application to simplify the certification process!

Client Connect

Based on the location input by the Client, the closest Rabbi and the cost of availing his services shall be displayed to the customer.

Appointment Scheduling

Rabbis can indicate their availability to you and you can use the software to easily schedule necessary appointments to initiate certification!


Compare product ingredients of your clients by creating a Schedule. Rabbis shall recommend substitutes if some ingredients or processes are found to be non-kosher.

Comprehensive Report

A report is generated for each Rabbi visit.Substitute Ingredients shall be recommended in case a product fails the Certification process.

Detailed Billing

Set rates for Rabbis for Certification, miles travelled, time and other miscellaneous parameters. Track payments by Customers before issuing Certifications!